Mini Portable Perfume Travel Atomizer

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Your perfume bottle is too large but you want to keep it with you?

 It is much easier with our Compact Perfume Storage Bottle!

It is compact and suits for every standart perfume. If you are a traveler and always on the go it is MUST HAVE for you!

Effortlessly fill the bottle with your perfume and take it everywhere.


Easy to fill up from the bottom

Creative design to fill up from the bottom.

Clear window to see the perfume inside

Portable for travel size, clear window to see the perfume inside, about 70 sprays once filled up. Please do not fully fill up.

You may refill it many times. 0.17 oz Perfume Storage Bottle contains up to 65 sprays. When it is finished just add more and continue using.

Size: 0.4×3 inches

 How to use:

 Remove spray nozzle from the perfume bottle;

 Place the bottom of the refillable bottle onto the perfume pump;

 Press the bottom untill it is filled.